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For General Information about CDs and DVDs:

All Pro Solutions, Inc.
At All Pro Solutions, Inc. we manufacture systems that are perfect for all types of DVD CD duplication equipment and data storage needs.

CD Ripper

Powerful, yet easy to use and fast, CD ripper for MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG audio output. CDDB auto-save,auto-tagging, and folder creation from CDDB artist/album info are just a few of its features.

DVD duplication service: This site is about the DVD industry, with particular attention to DVD software, which, for your convenience is divided into two main categories.

For Recording Industry Info:

APPLAUSE Music Careers

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets That Will Launch Your Music Performance or Production Career!

The Worldwide Band Names Registry and Musician Resource
Issue press releases, search music industry databases, find other musicians, advertise in classifieds, read and discuss the latest music industry news and get your music heard by A&R professionals.

The ezFolk site is one of the most popular folk music resources on the Internet.

 Loopwise Online Music Directory -Your source for music production.

Microtech Systems, Inc. - Fully automated CD/DVD disc publishing and duplication systems.

MusicDish, Industry e-Journal

The best resource on the internet for the independent record label. If you're just starting a record label or you've been running an independent label for years -- this site offers an incredible wealth of music business information and music industry contacts.

Record Labels & Companies Guide: info on the majors, independents, and everything in between.


A record company organized by recording artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and business professionals dedicated to the principle that central to the success of any music business venture is the music...

Milestone Mediaworks - Music Producer
Headquartered in the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose area, we offer recording studio, music producer, mastering and mix services. We make music for demos, film, video, tv and sound design.

Music Producer and Hip-Hop Beats - Milestone Mediaworks

Headquartered in the SF Bay Area, we are a producer of most genres including Hip-Hip, Rap, RnB, Rock, Jazz and more. We do Music Mastering and have national affiliated network of Music Producers., directory, and jobs for music, film, and video.

Happy Hardcore Music & Event Promotions in Los Angeles

For Legal and Professional Info:

WorldWideOCR Protect and Archive your Copyrights and Intellectual property online in minutes... Save time and a lot of money! Any idea... any time, from anywhere.




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