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There are 2 different CD Duplication Services options for you to choose From...

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CD-R Duplication

CD-Rs are great for small quantity CD orders or when a fast turnaround is needed. Most CD-R orders are filled within 1-3 days.

CD-R Duplication orders include full color graphics printed directly onto a white printable CD-R. These photo quality CD labels can include up to 4 colors and do not require film.

Disc Logic utilizes only the highest quality CD-R media for optimum compatability among CD-ROM drives and audio disc players in use today



CD Replication

Replicated (or manufactured CDs) are the perfect low cost solution for large CD orders. Standard turnaround for replicated orders is 7-10 days.

A Glass master is produced and CDs are pressed at a high rate of speed. The CDs then proceed to the silkscreening area for labeling .

We can also produce custom jackets, sleeves, tray cards, and folders to complete your professional CD package.

Bulk & Retail Ready CD Duplication Services!

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